PP Boxes

What is PP Box?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer produced by combining polypropylene monomers. It is the perfect material for lightweight product packaging. The main uses of PP boxes are in the packaging industry.

PP Boxes are lightweight and thus are very convenient to handle while packaging, loading, and unloading. The raw material needed to fabricate Corrugated Cardboard Boxes is very inexpensive, which makes these boxes highly affordable as compared to the other available alternatives in the market.

Uses Of PP Boxes

PP Boxes (Polypropelene Boxes) are used for storage and transportation of a great variety of materials. PP Box is used in packaging for a variety of industries like the electrical, food, and automotive industries. These boxes are particularly popular for the packing of food items.

PP Boxes are re-usable and are preferred due to their strength and long life. The PP packaging boxes are an ideal eco-friendly packaging material.

The PP Boxes have better printing and graphics capabilities. Accordingly, they can be used as effective marketing tools for brand awareness and promotion. Enterprises have the opportunity to get their logos, organization name, and other promotional details printed on these packaging boxes. This is actually a smart method of marketing.


Material: PP

Size: Customized


Light weight

Easy to carry


PP Box – Packaging Solutions

Anzen Packaging LLP is a leading Manufacturer of PP Box (Polypropylene Packaging Box). This includes Plain polypropylene Box as well as Printed Polypropylene Box at Pune, India.

We manufacture a variety of PP boxes of all sizes as per the customer’s requirement. Different types of PP Boxes available with us are  CAP type, Half Universal, Universal type, Over flap type, etc.

Customers have a choice of color and GSM and they can choose the color and the GSM as per their requirements for their boxes. We also provide pre-printed boxes.

Polypropylene Box
PP Box
Polypropylene Box