Corrugated Rolls

What Is Corrugated Roll?

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls also called single face rolls can be used for different kinds of packaging. Corrugated Rolls are a protective packaging product for consumers who require a flexible package solution for protecting their products in transit. From wrapping large products to being used for lightweight pads and dividers for bottles, the corrugated roll is a very versatile material.

Uses Of Corrugated Roll

Corrugated rolls are used for packaging and protecting goods of irregular shapes and of different sizes. Its qualities such as ability to absorb shocks, ease of wrapping it around any product, ease of cutting to size, etc makes it a suitable material for small batch sizes.

They can be used to wrap delicate goods such as glass products, paintings, metal parts, and basic office household products that risk their safety often. While stacking many delicate goods together in a packaging box, a Corrugated Roll can be used to pack each item separately to enhance their safety. It helps them give a layer of cushion and the chances of their colliding and breaking each other will radically decrease.

The Corrugated Rolls are lightweight they have a very low effect on the transportation weight of the product. These rolls are recyclable and biodegradable therefore they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The corrugated cardboard in roll form is ideal for protecting goods during transportation. These rolls are a cost-effective protective wrapping medium.




Optimum quality

Corrugated Roll – Packaging Solution

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