Packaging Materials

Anzen Packaging LLP is a leading supplier of Packaging Materials like Stretch Film, Thermo Shrink Film, Air Bubble Rolls at Pune.

Stretch Film – Packaging Materials

Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around the product. The flexible recovery keeps the product tightly bound. In contrast, shrink wrap is applied freely around a product and shrinks tightly with heat. It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads. It may also be utilized for bundling smaller items.


  • Durability
  • High strength
  • Resistance against water

Uses Of Stretch Film

Stretch Film is a recyclable film. It is used to improve the stability of products or packages. It protects the product or package from dust, moisture. Stretch film is used in the logistic, electronic, and food industry-

Provides a water resistant cover

Protects products against dust and dirt

High load bearing strength

Stretch Film is utilized in pallet wrapping and storage operations. This prevents product shifting and transit damage.

Stretch Films are demanded widely in a number of industries for the purpose of packaging different products. These films are offered to our clients in various sizes and specifications and can even be customized as per their requirements.

Anzen Packaging LLP supply Stretch Film of 50 microns with recycling details printed on it as per the Govt Regulations. These are available in a width of 100 mm, 250 mm, and 500 mm.

Stretch Film
Stretch Film Roll

Thermo Shrink Film – Packaging Materials

Shrink Film is a material made from polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it’s covering.

The advantages of applying shrink wrap film in the packaging process are numerous. Its flexibility, strength, recyclability, and visual capabilities make it ideal for so many types of products and applications.

Shrink wrap is generally used to protect and package a single product, like toys or a CD. It also is used to help pack different products together. It is used to bundle soda, water bottles, and different other packaged products together. Normally, stretch wrap is used to hold boxes and products together on a pallet for transportation.

There are different uses for Shrink wrap and Shrink Film. Some typical uses of shrink wrap are for wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, bottles, etc.

We supply Thermo Shrink Film ( LDPE) for export and domestic packing. The thickness of the film ranges from 200 microns to 250 microns.

Thermo Shrink Film LDPE
LDPE Heat Shrink Film

Air Bubble Roll – Packaging Materials

Air Bubble Rolls are large rolls of air bubble sheets. Air Bubble Rolls offer an effective way of wrapping and protecting products from moisture, dirt, shocks, and damages during travel.  Packaging Air Bubble Material is protective, cushioning packing material, which is manufactured by using quality plastic.

We manufacture a wide array of Air Bubble Rolls which provide excellent protection to any products. We supply Air Bubble Rolls above 200 Gauge with printed recycling information as per Govt regulations.

( Width – 1 meter x Length – 100 meters)

Air Bubble Roll
Plain Air Bubble Roll