Polythene Bags

What Is Polythene Bag?

Polythene Bags or Polybag is a type of container made from thin, flexible, plastic film, or plastic textiles. These bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, chemicals, and waste. It is a common type of packaging.

Benefits of Polythene Bags

  • It is a very flexible and adaptable form of packaging.
  • It is an extremely light-weight storage option that doesn’t need a lot of storage space. Since they are extremely easy to transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint during transportation.
  • Plastic packaging can survive extreme environments. They don’t easily degrade in hot and cold temperatures, thus saving the integrity of the food or beverage inside it.
  • These bags are an essential part of the packaging, particularly for products that need to be protected from moisture, dust, light, and odours.
  • Plastic is extremely durable and resistant to external influences, it ensures the product is well-preserved at all times.
  • The durability offered by plastic packaging also allows printing eye-catching, high-quality custom designs, and in this way increases product visibility during a retail setting.

Polythene Bags – Packaging Solution

Anzen Packaging LLP is a leading supplier of Polythene Bags at Pune. We supply Polythene Bags above 50 microns of any required size with printed details regarding recycling fully compliant with Govt rules.

Polythene Bags
Industrial Polythene Bags
Industrial Polythene Bags