Export Packaging

The quality of packaging determines if your product reaches its destination without any damage. In this context packaging material plays an important role. Export Packaging products are designed to ensure that the product stays safe from stacking pressures, vibrations, drops, and climatic stresses or moisture– as well as from bending, cutting, or compression. We have extensive experience in packing goods for exports.

We provide on-site packaging services where our experts work at the client site to package the products and ensure timely completion of the work.

We have expertise in packaging products for all types of transportation.

Export Packaging For All Types Of Transportation

Each Mode Of Transportation Requires Consideration Of Certain Factors:


Air shipment is ideal for quick delivery. However, it is the most expensive. The larger and heavier a package is, the more expensive it is to ship by air.

Sea Transportation

Sea transportation is the most popular mode of transportation for the shipping of large, bulky goods requiring longer lead times. While this requires a longer time, but is the cheapest to deliver large shipments over long distances.

Rail Freight

Rail transportation is a cost-effective option for inland transportation, as it allows for a large volume of shipments fast. This mode is often used for transporting goods from the factory to the nearest sea port.

Road Freight

It is a common mode of transporting shipments from factory to the Air or Sea port.